International Welcome Club of Trieste Region

IWCTR logo_Furio de Denaro 2010

The project of an International club to welcome and support foreigners arriving in Trieste and to create a bridge between the foreigners and the local community started already in the autumn of 2008… became reality during 2009… and since then a lot has been accomplished.

It has been registered as “associazione culturale” in 2010, presented to the public by an article in the local newspaper “Il Piccolo” and an official meeting with the former mayor of Trieste; members and newcomers met at our monthly coffee mornings, which are held at one of the cozy cafés in the city centre, and at numerous aperitivi;  there is a website and a newsletter, an English conversation and a painting group, an International book club … to name a few; guided tours to Trieste’s museums, the houses of worship of the many different communities and, of course, to the surroundings  … chatting and listening, laughing and dancing, eating and toasting … all strictly in English!

please visit or facebook or come to one of IWCTR’s next coffee mornings at Caffe’ Eppinger

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