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Have you ever looked at Trieste and at its territory through someone else’s eyes? Through the eyes of someone who was not born there and therefore does not take anything for granted? That’s what we want to do! We want to rummage into the town and its surroundings to discover every little treasure that is jealously hidden.

This is the main idea of goodmorningtrieste, a blog set up by three girlfriends living there, who have come to Trieste for different reasons and at different moments in time but who have chosen it their home:

Francesca, a journalist and a legal counsellor with two degrees and three sons, moved to Trieste from Verona seventeen years ago; then there is Paola, also a mother of three, who has a great aesthetic sense and a classical background, she found herself trapped in some judicial university course but now she is willing to become a blogger; last but not least there’s Daniela, German and translator, has an international life but her soul is from Trieste: We want to wake this town up, everyday discovering new corners, sharing all the experiences that Trieste and its surroundings have to offer, all the tastes, the flavours, the sounds, the colours, not forgetting all the extra-ordinary people that grab the attention of those who want to fully live this town.

A “limen” where the bora wipes out the borders and mixes the town’s souls – the Italian, Slovene, Austrian, Croatian, Serb and even further… the Greek soul.

We will dig into the cultural, architectural, artistic, musical, gastronomic, sporting mine of “the furthest city of Italy”.

Goodmorningtrieste is the perfect match for your cup of coffee in the morning, but is also a wake-up call for this town, sometimes too sleepy to see how many resources it has. Like the most famous “goodmorning Vietnam!”, every morning we want to cheer up the people who wake up and have to deal with the difficulties (yes, there are some) of Trieste, because after all Trieste is a city worth to “win over”.

We want to say goodmorning to the people who live in Trieste, but also to those who want to come and visit or to come and live here or moreover to whom have left Trieste but are still in love with it.

This blog being multilingual resembles the town of which it speaks: it will be in Italian but we will have credits in English, German and Slovenian and, why not, in the local dialect.

All the readers who feel connected to our initiative can contribute to the blog leaving comments, writing articles and giving advice and suggestions, by clicking on join the blog.

To follow the blog step by step and to enjoy the (mis)adventures of the authors click the diary (for the time being only in Italian) “diario nel diario”.

Our blog is specially dedicated to all of our friends who keep telling us “Trieste? I like it so much! Pity I didn’t have the chance to stay!” We will give them a lot of reasons to come and visit us!

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