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One cannot come to Trieste in the summer and not go to the famous Zampolli.
“Who has the best ice-cream?”   is one of the City’s biggest debates.
Some say that the hazelnut flavor is best at Gelato Marco near the Roman amphitheater, that the best vanilla is at Udevalla — this debate is a summer pastime which one can hear discussed on the bus, in the park, or at a cafe while enjoying a cocktail.
Until recently, I didn’t use to like ice-cream.
I’m not sure if i just didn’t eat ice-cream to avoid falling victim to temptation or if i really didn’t like it.
There is a tendency among the female gender, somewhat masochistic, to eschew anything that is pleasurable but harmful to one’s figure. I, being part of that group, confess to having shared the view that sweets are evil and therefore must be excluded from my diet.

Not that I have great results to show for it, but at least I’ve had a clear conscience, until recently.
Things changed when I picked up the ice-cream habit from my sons (should I thank them or blame them?)
Since then my world has been rocked.   Dozens of aluminum containers  filled with tempting ice-cream flavors never before imagined; gianduia chocolate, an out of this world melon, strawberry that tastes like it they were just picked in the woods, and many others that I leave you to discover and taste.
All of this in a dreamy vintage style shop with white tile walls and a mosaic designed  floor.    Cars and motorcycles double and triple park outside long enough for their owners to pop in and order a container full of varieties or just a scoop of the nutella vanilla blend — the best in the city. This is Zampolli, in Via Ghega, a must to cool you down in the summer.




via C. Ghega, 10 Trieste
o40 364868


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