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If women are frivolous is because they are intelligent to the endAlda Merini


What leads a young woman, a London-based translator from Chinese, to give everything up and come back to Trieste? This is what Martina Serli did. After a degree in Oriental languages in Venice and some work experiences in London, she bravely decided to come back and to work with her mother Rosi in the trendy space of the Trieste fashion, RosiSerli on Corso Italia 10. She came back carrying some fresh air. She innovated adding to the traditional international top brands – Givenchy, Balenciaga and Stella Mc Cartney are just a few of them – some vanguard brands like Dries van Noten, Rick Owens and a recovered Kenzo, some Made in Italy designers – less-known but very trendy – and some brand new brands – of great quality but more affordable, like. “It’s precisely the research of affordable designer the activity I am most committed to – she reveals to me – to spend less because you can, buying products that are beautiful, original and trendy. “ She also innovated creating Firebrands, the online shop that allows you to be just a click away from fashion. “The curious thing – Martina says – that proves that going online was the right choice is that I managed to send a Givenchy to the 5thAvenue! Trieste far away from Trieste – she adds – to paraphrase your words! We also sell well in Switzerland but most of all in the far east: Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia.“ I must say that she is also capable of being absolutely traditional when it comes to customers like me, that are frivolous (!) because they are lethargically lazy, almost unaware of all the latest trends, such as the Golden Goose, some hand-made sneakers from Venice that everyone wants and that – to my surprise – have a high sole that makes them suitable for me. She is always happy to explain, to search, to allow you to try things on and she always finds something you will like! So, to conclude, we can surely say that the words of Alda Merini perfectly define this young woman, who loves Trieste and is a great example of its young enterprise – a feminine one, in this case – that is not over at all. RosiSerli Corso Italia, 10 – Trieste

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